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A Look Back – 2019 New Year Resolutions

In February 2019 I published (revised) goals for 2019, things I wanted to accomplish, or change, or add. I think there was a hope that even if I didn’t do things to the letter of the Resolution, I could effectively make changes by following the spirit. Below is a copy of my list, and how it turned out:

  1. Learn and perfect 3 different knots. IN PROGRESS
    Being real this passed me by. I have the materials to learn, but I plan on accomplishing it soon.
  2. Save $1000 dollars. COMPLETE
    Complete! No I’m not telling you how much I saved. Who are you Comrade Question? (Seriously though, I’m on a better financial footing than I used to be). I even started investing and with an accountant opened an IRA and started saving for retirement.
  3. Write a short film (and produce it). IN PROGRESS
    I got some ideas, and some people that I want to work with, so it’s more an exercise in shifting ideas around.
  4. Edit my 2018 NaNoWriMo material. IN PROGRESS
    I started the year thinking I was going to turn this into a book, or something. In reality, it became less important to me, and while I will probably mine the writing for other pieces, it was good to write it all, for posterity sake and for the sake of writing.
  5. Be active or exercise 4 times a week. COMPLETE(LY IN PROGRESS)
    I’m on the way to being healthier, and while my work is pretty mobile, I’ve been going to the gym at least one day a week (often more). I’m not at where I want to be, but I’m making new healthy choices, and I’m glad I’m there.

  6. Celebrate Holidays with Friends (including my birthday).COMPLETE
    Some holidays I had to work (Like Christmas) but I actually was able to celebrate and mark events with friends. I went out on my birthday, and also got birthday breakfast with my best friend Georgia. I helped other friends celebrate their birthdays, and I made effort to spend time with my brother and his partner. I want to be there even more in the future.

  7. Read 52 books. COMPLETE(LY IN PROGRESS)
    I don’t know if I read 52 exactly, but I read way more than I did last year, or the year before that. The Multanomah County Library provided me with so many wonderful titles (for free y’all!”) and I’m back in the habit of reading books for pleasure.

  8. Finish the AFI Top 100 list of films. COMPLETE (ALMOST!!)
    I believe I am 2 films away from finishing the ENTIRE list. The Wild Bunch, and Street Car Named Desire (which I technically have seen before, but I made the goal of rewatching everything when I started).

  9. Have a piece of writing to premiere at Fertile Ground Festival next year (2019). IN PROGRESS
    Well….. Not quite there. This got away from me, but there is next year, and I think I have better ideas about the type of work I would want to showcase when I eventually do get there.
  10.  Publish a post on this blog once a month. COMPLETE
    I often fell behind and had to do catch up, but this absolutely was good for me (to just make content period). And I think the best lesson was that even if I fell behind, I didn’t “fail” and just give up: I took the time and caught up to where I wanted to be.
  11. Write a monologue, a 10 minute play, and a one act play sometime in the year. COMPLETE(LY IN PROGRESS)
    I got more writing done this year, and while I didn’t necessarily get every piece done I wanted to, I have this next year to really set goals and set work days and such.

    End Verdict: GREAT YEAR! 

    I see more green on this list than Red, and even though there is Red, it doesn’t mean I failed. It’s just more things I can strive towards. 

    This year has been meaningful to me as I work towards new goals and becoming more honest with myself, as to who I want to be. I’m excited for 2020, and look forward to growing and changing.


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